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2012 has been a great year to JavaScript in Brazil. In fact, this programming language is been rising a lot in recent years, all over the world.

In Brazil, the scenario began to change after the BrazilJS’s conference in 2011.

This event was the start for regional groups to emerge. RioJS and PernambucoJS were firstly created, that soon encouraged the creation of SampaJS, BeagaJS, RSJS and so on.

The trend of emerging new groups and communities was expected, but this requires some special attention, a second level of organization. Having information and people engaged was a great first step, but now we have to organize all of that, make sure the information is reliable and keep people motivated. For this, we are working hard to create, motivate and encourage the evolution of JavaScript in Brazil.

We are now beginning another pioneering initiative and it’s called BrazilJS Foundation, our new effort in this direction and we have full confidence that will provide excellent results for the JavaScript it self, but also for communities, developers, institutions and companies.

Our mission with this project is only one: bring knowledge and help people.

This is just a brief welcome. We have a ton of ideas in our heads and people willing to make them reality. Do you want to come with us?